At Westminster we embrace the concept of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) -based learning. Each teacher creates lesson plans with this in mind. Concepts are taught through a thematic approach and include developmentally appropriate topics in language, math, science and social studies. The staff practices Emergent Curriculum so the children’s interests are an important part of the learning process. Children are encouraged to express their creativity and explore new ideas that will develop into higher-level thinking skills as they grow. We are building a foundation for future learning.

Because research has shown that physical activity is vital to brain development, outdoor play and movement are major areas incorporated into the Westminster curriculum. Mastering fine and gross motor skills is essential for developing the necessary tools for higher learning.


Westminster Presbyterian Day School provides a cooperative setting that supports the close relationship between the child, family, and staff. We are committed to an appreciation of childhood as a unique and valuable stage of life. We value play-based learning and time outdoors in nature. Westminster provides a nurturing environment for young children under the guidance of a staff knowledgeable in child development that fosters:

  • time for uninterrupted play.
  • a Christian atmosphere.
  • intellectual independence.
  • critical and independent reasoning skills.
  • discovery of their world.
  • a love of learning.
  • self-discipline through consistent application of limits.
  • social interaction and respect for others.

Westminster Presbyterian Church (WPC) sponsors the Day School and the curriculum includes observance of Christian celebrations and use of religious symbols for communicating God’s love. The school is an extension into the community of the Church’s respect for openness in human relationships and for the worth of the individual.

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Westminster is accredited through  The Texas Rising Star Accreditation Program.  A Rising Star Child Development Specialist recently commented, “I visit many preschools, but this is where I would want to send my child.”

Westminster is licensed by the State of Texas and follows the guidelines and rules stated by Texas Health and Human Services

Westminster is governed by a 7-member School Board comprised of members of Westminster Presbyterian Church and parents of children attending the Day School. The School Board is approved by and reports to the Church’s Christian Ministries Committee. The director, Jessica Johnson, is responsible for overseeing the daily activities of the school, financial business and staffing.